Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh – A friend for your dryness distress!

Heat is still on the roll but that doesn’t mean your skin doesn’t require moisturization at all during summers. Specially after taking bath, your skin needs to be restored with essential moisture that has been stripped away by shower gels, soaps and scrubs. Or else dryness and itchiness can get so bad that it would almost feel like tiny bugs nipping you all over! And don’t forget about those rough cracked heels too which can be bothersome with every slightest touch of any fabric on them.. Ughh!!!

To be honest, I haven’t been much happy with most of the moisturizers I have used until I bought Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh. It is AWESOME. Other moisturizers feel weighted and sticky on my skin.. I SO hate that! So eventually I feel compelled to wash it off. Even some of those which claim to be light on skin, are not so light on my feet as they soon remind me I have applied ‘something greasy’ that will be there forever and annoy me until I wash it off.

But Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh is true to its words. It’s so light that it immediately gets absorbed after rubbing onto skin and Voila! “Did I even apply anything there” I wonder. Ofcourse, the main purpose of providing hydration and nourishment to skin is also observed as skin feels silky, soft and supple. Their innovative Stratys-3 complex infusion permeates and disperses hydration throughout all the layers of skin.


Now, the reason I picked Aloe Fresh out of the range is cz anything with Aloe extract or Aloe Vera itself is great for skin. Aloe heals, soothes and nourishes many problematic skin conditions like eczema. It treats sunburns and is a great moisturizer. I have been happily using it even as a base on my face sometime when the weather is too dry to avoid dry patches build-up. And Yes! Thankgod, I can even use it for my dry heels without it feeling greasy. Who needs a separate foot cream when your body moisturizer does the work?

Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh certainly is my friend and will be throughout the year. What about you? Which moisturizer do YOU find non-greasy?


2 thoughts on “Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh – A friend for your dryness distress!

  1. I love Vaseline products!

    – KW

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