WordPress or Blogger?

As some of you might have noticed I have two blogs running under the same title “GroomAndBloom” :

Both of these have similar posts and I assure you none is fake – I own and write for both of these =)
The reason I’m using these 2 blogging platforms is:
1) I’m new to blogosphere so I don’t know yet which one will suit me more
2) I know there are many articles regarding “WordPress vs. Blogger” argument and their final verdict but I want it to be ME to decide which one is better… and I can only do that using both these platforms to familiarize myself.

Feel free to follow me on both though. I might shift to new content on one of these in near future =D


6 thoughts on “WordPress or Blogger?

  1. Prefer WordPress because it is more editable than blog spot. Also it really feels like it’s easier to use, and pretty much looks more classy 🙂

    • Right on! And that makes WordPress pretty strict with certain stuff like placing ads.. Plus I wish there was an option for multiple pages on blogger .. on other hand, I like how we can format text and template on blogger.. each has its own perks
      Yet I think at this point it won’t be wrong to say I’m more comfortable blogging at WordPress

  2. *ouch* .. well that would have to wait then.

  3. [ Smiles ] I checked out both versions of your blog and I noticed that you have more followers here on WordPress.

    You probably discovered by now that WordPress is easier to navigate and way much fun than Google Blogger!

    • Hey Renard!
      Thanks a lot for sharing your view. 🙂
      Yes, apparently I have more followers here, given I started both of the blogs 2 days back. WordPress is indeed cool with nice practical templates and clever widgets but don’t know for some reason I’m finding it slightly complicated than Blogger interms of adding plugins.. but that’s okay I guess since I’m new to it and hopefully will get the hang of it soon. =)

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