Selsun Blue Balanced Shampoo – Diminishing the Dreaded Dandruff

Back in those days those anti-dandruff shampoo commercials used to give me funny stupid thoughts like “How can one’s hair make so much snowfall?” and I have been one of those lucky people with dandruff-free hair most of my life…. until now 😦  

I guess it’s cz I recently moved back in Middle East and the tap water supply here is hard water which can be damaging to hair and scalp, and together with extreme high temperature causes dryness, itchiness and flaking resulting in dandruff.

Although, in my case it is not that severe but it looks so unsightly and prominent in my dark hair. My dad recommended and got me Selsun Blue Balanced Shampoo as it was his tried and tested anti-dandruff shampoo (more effective than the other famous brands – his words!). I was amazed to find out that Selsun Blue has been in the market for many years as an over-the-counter brand ( I can somewhat recall the bottle from my faint memory – sitting on my bathroom shelf), it’s just in the recent years it’s been available commercially. 

My Experience :

I was surprised by the results as Selsun Blue Balanced Shampoo definitely DID make dandruff vanish out of my hair in just one wash like magic! I didn’t feel the need to repeat the use more than twice a week because that has been enough to restrain dandruff recurrence. 

However, on the downside my hair became frizzy after the use.. looks like it has a drying effect. So I managed that by:

  • not lathering it too much in hair cz that step in itself can result in frizziness
  • using an after-shampoo conditioner
  • keeping a different shampoo for my regular use
  • Selsun Blue Balanced Shampoo for only once or twice a week.
On right: Shampoo texture zoomed in

On right: Shampoo texture zoomed in

Product Description:

Selsun Blue Balanced Shampoo has a nice light aqua/cyan color and a thick texture but a strong medicated smell which is not that unpleasant. The ‘magic ingredient’ it contains is Selenium Sulfide Lotion (1%) which specifically targets and treats problems like dandruff and tinea versicolor ( a type of fungal infection).

Selsun Blue comes in many versions in it’s product line that can suit needs of different people and their hair-type, but the one I got is for “All Types of Hair” and is “pH Balanced“.

Selsun Blue Shampoo Range

Selsun Blue Shampoo Range


My Verdict:

There is no denying Selsun Blue Balanced Shampoo treated and wiped out my dandruff problem and now I don’t dread wearing any black outfit. 😀


5 thoughts on “Selsun Blue Balanced Shampoo – Diminishing the Dreaded Dandruff

  1. Love your testimonial for and review of Selsun Blue! I have heard this is the best anti-dandruff shampoo if you have serious dandruff. However, if yours is not in that realm I have heard there are a few other anti-dandruff options, or even home remedies. Check out for some information I found to be beneficial.

  2. Couldn’t find the exact product shown above in any of the online store.They are selling only Normal to Oily Daily Balanced shampoo. Please helpme out!!!

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