LABELLO Vitamin Shake| Cranberry & Raspberry – Because Lips don’t Lie & they don’t have to!

I’m sure everyone loves lips that don’t lie.. but what if these lies are needed to cover up those ugly tell-tale signs of chapped lips?
The sad truth is that sometimes even good lipsticks and glosses are not enough to completely conceal those lips engraved with unappealing cracks and chaps. What those lips need is .. what they are deprived of – your Care and Attention.. AND a lip balm or a chap stick!
What I use and been using since my childhood is the century-old brand LABELLO which comes in MANY fun flavors and colors. I have used LABELLO in Classic Care, Soft Rosé, Pearly Shine, Fruity Shine (cherry & strawberry), Angel Star and recently I got myself LABELLO Vitamin Shake| Cranberry & Raspberry.
As you take the cap off, LABELLO Vitamin Shake| Cranberry & Raspberry greets you with an uplifting berrilicious scent and the tempting lovely swirls of pink and soft red colors this marbled stick is graced with. The sight and the scent AND the subtitle “Vitamin Shake” would instantly make anyone want to eat that stick – but PLEASE do NOT try that!
This Vitamin Shake turned out excellent in nourishing my lips with essential vitamins and enrich them with moisture so my lips feel soft, smooth and velvety. The delicious flavor makes me want to envelop my lips generously with this lip balm all the time and it also gives a subtle gloss to them which is a plus!
Give LABELLO Vitamin Shake| Cranberry & Raspberry a go and your lips will thank you for so much love and care .. and for never having to lie again!

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