Cristal Serum by Energy Cosmetics – Spritzing Solution for your Split-end Suffering

It’s been quite some time since I did any product review. Time to catch up!

Suppose there is an unexpected get-together or someone is coming to see you on a short notice. Getting ready is not a big deal but what do you do about those ugly split-ends spiking out of your strands that just won’t remain unseen no matter how you let your hair be (tied up or loose)? What do you do when you have to battle with brushing through your tangled up hair that just keeps knotting up?

You use hair serum.

Hair serum is your after-wash resort specially designed for unmanageable and frizzy hair by providing them with lubrication and thus makes your life easier! It coats hair with protective layer that forms a barrier against damaging factors like heat, humidity and dust whilst providing your hair with luster it lacked. For the same reason it is always advised to apply some serum onto your hair before you use any hair-styling tool that emits heat.

Hair dyes have caused so much damage that even after avoiding dying for a year my hair is still reaping the harmful effects. So the hair serum I got hold of recently is Cristal Serum Split Ends Seal by Energy Cosmetics. As the description says it is supposed to glue together split-ends.

energy serum

At the back of the bottle it says,

Fluid having high restoring and fixative value, efficacious in maintaining the hair style both on damaged and natural hair. It is particularly suitable for innovative and free style or to mould the curls. Thanks to the restructuring and moisturizing capacity it restores tone, volume and brightness and repairs the split ends.

My Experience:

  • It definitely brightened up my hair by making them lustrous
  • It did volumize my hair to some extent (as you can see the difference in the picture below) and gave it some body
  • Overall it managed to tame down my hair, but
  • It wasn’t too effective in taming my short stray strands (I know I need a hair cut)
  • And neither 100 % effective on sealing my split-ends =/
  • Yet I’m happy that this serum wasn’t too heavy on my hair


This 60 ml glass bottle comes with a pump discharge nozzle and it is a product made in Italy. The nice scent is also a plus!

I think Cristal Serum Split Ends Seal by Energy Cosmetics will suit best for those who like to style their locks into soft curls, giving curly locks more definition and shine.

So that’s it for now folks! Have a good day! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Cristal Serum by Energy Cosmetics – Spritzing Solution for your Split-end Suffering

  1. I am using crystal hair serum. Kindly give reply if any product effective for strengthening hair follicles? My hair root is very thin

    • Hey Deepa!
      Sorry to hear about your problem.
      Honestly what I have learnt from experience is that it’s better to keep your hair free from chemical based products.

      But the product that works for me and I would suggest you to take would be “Cod Liver Oil” capsules. There are quite some renowned brands like Seven Seas. These are not only good for your eyes and bones but also strengthen hair and nails! Yet I would still advice you to take a more professional opinion on this.

      Vegetarian or not, increase your intake of beans, nuts, flaxseeds and fruits like avocados.

      A protein-rich and Omega-3 fortified diet is the key to strong hair 🙂

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