GroomAndBloom is blooming!!

Groom&Bloom Thankyou

So my WordPress blog “GroomAndBloom” turns exactly one month today and the fact that it has prospered in such a small period of time overwhelms me! 😀 And of course, I owe my sincere gratitude to all you lovely people: my followers, subscribers and not to forget those who take out their precious time to pay a visit and read at!

And lastly, the major chunk goes out to my dear parents who have been my greatest supporters!
Thank you ALL!!!! ^_^

And on this happy note let me share another great news.

My Samsung Galaxy S4 has a brand new screen! 😀

My dad got the smashed screen replaced from the Samsung outlet. Nothing else was damaged, ThankGod! Everything is perfect and functioning just like before. I have even optimized it’s security level too, so now if anyone gets hold of it with a bad intention, he/she is going be in a HUGE  trouble!! *evil laugh*

My experience in the blogosphere has been very exciting with every discovery that comes my way and I’m looking forward to so much more, with an objective to keep you all well-informed with whatever l have learned so far.

I’ll catch up with you guys again in my next post soon. Take care and be safe!


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