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Hey you all W ‘Pressers!

I recently updated my WordPress Android app to the latest version on my Galaxy S4. I’m liking the improvement in the interface – it’s much more simplified now, moreover, we can now browse and manage our media gallery directly from our phones with the app. The major change I noticed was made to the option “Stats” – now there’s a drop-down list for it like shown below.

Stats sub-menu

Stats drop-down list

It’s great. It’s precise for a quick viewing. But what I’m missing are the Flags! Views by Country statistics! It’s no more shown in the app. I know it’s not really necessary, given, the desktop version still has it. But it had its own charm – waking up and checking my stats first thing in the morning right from my phone, seeing the myriad of different colors everyday, the various flags and new country names (it’s always amazing finding out about new countries you never knew of) and then reveling in this virtual global community – uplifts me and motivates me to blog more often.

Here’s what the app says about their latest update..

WordPress app

WordPress app

Let me make another confession (first was obviously about I missing those flags :P).. I do use WordPress app more often for moderating, commenting, viewing my stats and reading other blogs.. but I don’t use it for blogging itself. There’s nothing wrong with the app, I think they are trying their best in improving our blogging experience on-the-go, but I personally like a larger interface and a wider keyboard for typing. I’m a loyal laptop user and always will be for typing up stuff no matter how many new models of mobiles with larger screens or tablets are released. There’s nothing as comfortable as the keyboard with typewriter-like keys and a bigger desktop.

So anybody using the latest version of the WordPress app? How do you find it? And am I overlooking something here? Maybe the country stats are somewhere there but oblivious to just me?



6 thoughts on “WordPress App – Latest Update

  1. After awhile trying to figure out how this stat tool work, now one of my wp site is working normally

  2. stats are sluggish. wrong values given. they took the stats bar graph and made it 1/5 as large so hard to read. today’s stats are WRONG. THIS NEEDS FIXING. SORRY I UPGRADED. ITS NOT AN UPGRADE FOR ME!!!

    • Hi! Are you talking about the latest update? Because the WordPress version 2.5.1 upgrade has the stats issues fixed.

      With this update I compared my stats bar with that of the desktop version and found the graph to be exactly the same… only that the division of the range segments is larger on my android version which automatically made the height of the bars appear shorter comparatively.

      But yea, they should make consistent scaling with division of 10’s or 50’s or 100’s so that it’s easier to read the graph

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