Experiencing Food Tourism – at the Comfort of your Own Home

For me, traveling is synonymous with FOOD. Food is the vital representation of any culture. I’m sure many of you would agree with me; if you visit a new place and don’t get to taste their local cuisine, then you missed out a whole lot of your tourism experience at your destination.

Or it could be vice versa! Or can it be?

Like, I feel I have traveled some parts of the world (not literally) just by trying out their local food without visiting the country itself. Or how I would put it : “Get the Slice of Spice from Everywhere Nice!”

What if you can’t visit that country or simply can’t afford to? That doesn’t mean you can never know what their local favorites taste like! Thanks to all those websites and lovely food bloggers who zealously share the recipes which are readily available on internet.

But sometimes there comes a catch: you see a really tempting Google image of the food you want to cook but unfortunately, the recipe you are looking for is written in a foreign language you can not decipher.
I follow few Facebook pages or websites related to Arabic cuisine, but since English is not yet a common language in many Arab countries (particularly Saudi Arabia), I often end up just drooling at the picture as the recipe mentioned is in hardcore Arabic. Unfortunately, even the automated translator fails to translate the technical key words/ingredients properly. Such a bummer!

For sites that don’t use translation software, I wish they would come up with a translating app for consumers that is much more smart and would be more diverse verbally so I could experience ‘food tourism’ in a much better way… all that WHILE being at home because cooking new stuff does not intimidate me at all!


2 thoughts on “Experiencing Food Tourism – at the Comfort of your Own Home

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