BOURJOIS “Wake Me!” Shower Jelly Review

Hey guys.. I’m on vacation and been busy with that.. BUT I couldn’t resist any longer to review one of my summer catch (potentially the best? Let’s find out) : BOURJOIS shower gel!

Package backside/Bourjois shower gel collection


If you have been recently shopping in Saudi Arabia, you might have laid eyes on these attractive BOURJOIS sets with special offer which were available in most of the hypermarkets. Each package has two of the eight assorted shower gel bottles and let me tell you each of them looked appealing and fun, with really inviting tags: ‘Beautify me!‘, ‘Tease me!‘. ‘Pamper me!‘, ‘Wake me!‘, ‘Refresh me!‘, ‘Deluxe mousse‘, ‘Dream scrub‘ and ‘Sweet summer‘. And like a cherry on top, every bottle has a cute golden orb on top.

If I could I would have bought all of these – I had a real hard time choosing one set. So after a lengthy mental analysis I picked a set that had ‘Wake me!‘ and ‘Sweet summer‘.

The shower gel pair

The shower gel pair


But since there was baggage space restriction, I brought Wake me! out of the two, along with me to Pakistan. First let me give you the details of the product:

  • is a vitamin enriched shower JELLY (not just an ordinary gel)
  • infused with Citrus fruit and Goji berries fragrance
  • is supposed to make your skin feel radiant and energized
  • paraben-free

My Experience

Really really REALLY good! Unlike other shower gels, this jelly would not foam up straight away at the instance you start massaging but rather lets you enjoy the silky pulpy lather gliding onto your skin before it dissolves into a gentle foam. You may think this would make it difficult to rinse off.. but fortunately, you would be wrong.

Loved the citrusy sweet scent which you can smell as soon as the lid is flipped open. And the amazing thing about this shower jelly I discovered is that the scent lingers on your skin for 6+ hours! That sure does uplifts and revives the exhausted ‘you’ in this hot weather. The other amazing thing is of course it being paraben-free: a HEALTH-friendly shower gel.

I haven’t tried Sweet summer yet which is the shower oil, but I bet it would be another bottle full of goodness. I’ll update this section once I get to try it.

So I believe these BOURJOIS shower gel collection would not only become  flirty accessory for a bathroom but also make shower-times more tempting!




This is my first blog posting and I’m super excited to share my views and reviews on various stuff. 😀
Please excuse any verbal or grammatical error as English is not my native language but ironically I feel more comfortable communicating in English than my mother-tongue Urdu. Also, my style of writing is carefree, so don’t diss me for using slangs now and then. Heh!
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My aim is to make your pre-purchase decision making easier, particularly of beauty products and of course, share my personal experience and analysis as a consumer.

So looks like it’s all set and I’m good to go! =)

Wish me Luck!