TRESemme 24 Hour Body Shampoo Review

I have been hearing a lot of nice things about TRESemme shampoo, so trusting the amazing reputation it has as a high-end salon brand, I got one for myself to try. The straightforward tagline under the brand name says it all: “USED BY PROFESSIONALS“. TRESemme 24 Hour Body Shampoo is what I picked since my hair these days look so fine and flat.

Tresemme 24 hr body shampoo

So these are the things boldly stated at the front of this impressive big fat sleek bottle that got me excited and had me anticipating my imminent acquisition of Amy Adams’s voluminous mane:

  • 24 Hour Body with Volume Control Complex

My expectation: Perfect! Now I won’t have to worry about my hair flattening out even by the next evening!

  • with Silk Protein 

My expectation:  Lovely! Silky bouncy lush hair! What more can one ask for from a hair product?!

  • for Fine Hair

My expectation: Yes, that’s me! Want my hair to get a lift. And so shall I!

  • Professional Quality

My expectation: Niiiice!! Envy-inducing hair, like i JUST stepped out of a hair salon… ALL THE TIME!!!! =)

At the back of the bottle, the details are as seen in the picture:

Tresemme details

My Experience:

Sadly (I know you were not hoping for this like me), the shampoo did anything BUT whatever it’s claimed above 😦
Even after drying them out completely after wash, my hair appeared so limp and kind of greasy near the scalp! It rather weighed down my hair EVEN more. Certainly did not look like I “just-left-the-salon” but it definitely seemed I did not step into the shower for days. That’s not it. From the midway till my tips there was little frizziness and found it hard detangling them with brush.

It’s not like it could be the weather as I tried using TRESemme 24 Hour Body Shampoo both during warm and cold climate. In fact, in between I even used other brands to see if something is wrong with my hair itself, but instead I got much better results with others. At least, with other brands my hair wouldn’t look so limp right after the wash.

The only plus I found was its scent which lasts even by the next day.

It’s such a shame that most of this big 900 ml bottle is going to go in waste.

My Verdict:

Big talk and no action. So much disappointment. So if you want a solution for your flat-thin hair then you would want to choose anything apart from TRESemme 24 Hour Body Shampoo.

Although, there are still many I have yet to try from TRESemme collection, maybe it is just this shampoo type that did not work for me.

Anyone with a similar experience? Or maybe a positive one? All of you are welcome to comment below 🙂


Basic Image Editing

Today I was feeling a bit creative than usual so I picked out a photo I took during my recent road-trip and tried doing some image processing with Photoshop. As you guys might have read in my About Me section, I have been an Advertising & Media student so I have had numerous courses regarding “Image Editing/Manipulation” and “Digital Illustration”, was even lucky enough to have a separate course “Photography” that my prestigious university offered in my program. So that has naturally polished my Adobe (PS & Illustrator) skills and I’m quite proficient in using such softwares.. although did I mention somewhere before I can be lazy at times? 😛

So let me share a very BASIC kind of image editing which involves color correction that I did step-by-step.

  • As you can see, despite of the beautiful scenery of the valleys captured, this photo lacks color richness. This requires some editing!





  • So first I started off with balancing its “LEVELS”. Now in my style of editing, I only play with ‘Midtones’ and ‘Shadows’. I simply avoid messing with ‘Highlights’ or ‘brightness’ unnecessarily because it just washes out your picture’s important details.


  • After adjusting its “LEVELS”, I virtually divided the photo into 2 parts: 1- The top part mostly composed of sky and clouds. 2- The lower part composed of the mountains. Now focusing on the top part I felt the sky needs more ‘blue’ and the clouds need more pronounced ‘shadows’ and ‘highlights’. So without making use of the “Brightness & Contrast” feature that I DESPISE the most, I just adjusted the selective colors: White, Blue & Cyan. Now you can see the nice blue color of the sky has come out and the clouds have a bit more details with the shadows and highlights:


  • Time to focus on the mountains. They looked dull and I felt the picture had not justified how beautifully the sun glared on these mountains to illuminate some parts of them and create mysterious shadows. Therefore, using just reds and yellows, I enhanced these selective colors to get this:


  • Finally, for the finishing touch I adjusted it’s “Vibrance” and slightly tweaked the highlights to further enhance the color richness. The result:



So definitely now the photo looks much better and more ‘scenic’ than the original. This is the first time ever I have shared my secret of editing, even THIS basic. I usually avoid doing that 😛

Hope you enjoyed this simple walk-through of my basic editing process 😀

Original Vs. Edited

Original Vs. Edited