LIPTON Russian Earl Grey Tea – A Bittersweet Symphony

If you are a tea-lover and now want to familiarize your tastebuds with the boldness of Earl Grey tea then LIPTON Russian Earl Grey could be your first pick. It has pleasant citrus overtones and a mild smokey hint of the bergamot fruit, which makes it less strong than the other brands and variants of Earl Grey, but more empowering than your cup of regular black tea.

Typically, Russian Earl Grey is an infusion of dried orange peel, lemongrass, black tea, bergamot oil and sometimes cornflower petals. But what I read on the package, the ingredients of LIPTON Russian Earl Grey contains:

Black tea, nature identical bergamot flavor.

So it’s a bit vague what other herbs they used in enhancing the sweet tarty flavor of their version of Russian Earl Grey. The box has 20 enveloped tea bags. I have noticed LIPTON Russian Earl Grey packaging in other countries slightly differs from this one available in Middle East so maybe the ingredients on those might also be more elaborate.

My cup of LIPTON Russian Earl Grey

My cup of LIPTON Russian Earl Grey

How I drink it

After dipping the tea bag into hot water for no more than 2 mins, I add half teaspoon of honey to enhance its sweet undertones and sometimes a couple of mint leaves. This is usually my evening tea for a quick refreshment and some caffeine dose.

You can enjoy it your way with other condiments like sugar, lemon or even milk. It goes perfectly with sugary baked goodies like donuts, cakes, cookies or anything sweet.

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Tropical Delight – Yellow Smoothie

For some weird reason, I have been experiencing loss of appetite since two days. You know how breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I try not to skip it but today just the thought of ‘food’ was highly unappealing. As the day passed, I felt weaker.. something HAD to go inside my system to keep me going right? So I checked fridge, there were a lot of goodies except, I didn’t feel like eating.

Found some apples and guavas.. But who wants to go through the lengthy process of cutting. biting and chewing the fruity chunks. (I can get so lethargic at times :$)

Eating a banana looked like my last resort as it’s the only fruit I live on when I’m in this mode of decreased appetite. Banana is a no-fuss fruit for me. Just peel and you are good to go. But then some dates caught my eye. Pronto that gave me the idea “why don’t I just cut these fruits roughly, simply throw them into the blender, puree and chug the resulted smoothie ?”

Sounded something I could use to give me instant energy boost plus “drinking” seemed more palatable to me than “eating” right then. So I went ahead and this is how it turned out…

All the yellows that went into the smoothie

The texture looked so smoooth and custardy (I LOVE custard) that it sparked some appetite in me. The mellow taste was delightful to my temporarily bored tastebuds, which I enjoyed with every sip. And this delicious whipped smoothie immediately revived my energy!

Here is what was needed:

  • 2 golden apples
  • 2 bananas
  • 1 guava (you can scoop out the seeds because they don’t blend well)
  • 3-4 semi-ripe dates flesh (go for the ripe variety for more sugary taste)
  • Half glass of chilled orange juice


  • You can even include half teaspoon of grated ginger if you want to spice up your smoothie
  • If mango is in the season, it could make another wonderful tropical addition to this yellow smoothie!


So these were all the ‘yellows’ that was needed to make this delightful tropical smoothie. There is so much rave about GREEN smoothies these days, they are almost ruling most diet plans. Do check out¬†CHUG YOUR GREENS, they have some incredible green smoothie recipes!

And don’t forget to drop a comment below and tell us what kind of smoothie does get YOU going?


The Crown Fruit: Pomegranate

From their crown to their lovely sparkling jewel-like arils (seeds) and not to forget the plethora of health benefits each of them holds, pomegranates have so much about them that give them this royal charisma among the fruit family.

During my research I wasn’t surprised to¬†find out that the pomegranate has been held in high esteem in different folklore, legends and cultures. Due to the¬†abundance of edible ruby-red arils¬†this fruit is bestowed with, pomegranate holds symbolism of power, prosperity,¬†fertility and good-luck.

These are just SOME of the health benefits this wonder fruit is associated with:

  1. Cancer Fighter –¬†Packed with high amounts of anti-oxidants, pomegranate is effective in defending against free-radicals and development of cancerous cells.
  2. Heart-Friendly –¬†Rich with¬†Granatin B and Punicalagin, these components are said to fight heart-related diseases and lowers the level of bad cholesterol.
  3. Anti-aging –¬†¬†Increases collagen production that in turn regenerates skin cells and reduces appearance of fine line and wrinkles
  4. Immunity-Booster – Pomegranates are good source of Vitamin-C which gives it anti-bacterial properties.
  5. Fat-Burner – The amazing amounts of dietary fiber it contains will make you feel full and curb your hunger and thus can become a great addition to your weight-loss diet.
  6. Maintains Sugar – Studies showed there was no significant increase in blood sugar level after pomegranate juice consumption therefore it’s a great drink for even diabetic patients.

Pomegranate juice is also my personal favorite. Just a day back I tried making Pommie-Apple Smoothie at home and it turned out wonderful! The combined health benefits of both fruits found in this drink makes it extra special and tastier.

Bottom left: Close-up of Rubies (arils)

Bottom right: Close-up of Rubies (arils)

Here is the recipe to make two glasses:

  • 3 cups of pomegranate arils (seeds)
  • 2 apples
  • 1/4 cup water
  • Honey according to how sweet you like
  • Ice cubes


Blend all of the ingredients above at full speed until you see a smooth foamy pink mixture. Pour the mixture into your favorite glass and serve immediately.

Tip: Milk or yogurt or both can be included as well to make your smoothie more creamy.

There are MANY ways pomegranate smoothie can be made with. Just use your imagination.
What other variation would you like to make to the recipe above? Please do share ūüôā

Awesome recipe of Orange & Pomegranate Cheesecake –

Wish list – Gold Themed

Today I decided to do something different. Everybody has a wish list they would like to share with everyone, I’m going to share mine according to themes.. Today I’m doing on “Gold” theme. The objects shown below are not photographed by me, but have been collected from internet and assembled into one with bit of tweaking by me.

gold wishlist

This pair features black and yellow diamonds mounted in 18K Gold. These hoops could make lady of any age look younger and chic, and even if worn alone would look stunning!

With top notes of blood orange and neroli, heart (notes) full of jasmine and orange blossom, and base notes of amber.. this scent sounds like a “bling bling” glamorous fragrance and pretty intense that should be used sparingly yet fervidly. Just the way I like to use and the way I like my scent to be!

Patchi is a designer chocolate brand and I have once had a luxury of devouring the whole box of their popular gold Lingots .. I’m not much of a chocolate person but I tell you those were divine! I love their packaging too and I wouldn’t mind if I’m gifted with one of these gorgeous boxes. ūüėČ

This cube consists of 216 powerful Rare Earth magnetic balls which can be shaped, molded, snapped together in uncountable ways! Sounds fun and something nice to keep me busy and distracted from the monotony around.

These are young green tea leaves and buds rolled into tea-balls that are tied with flowers (yellow lily, white jasmine and pink amaranth)¬†covered with pure edible gold.. which when placed into a glass teapot, will open up the flowers and diffuse the gold into this fascinating hot beverage. Hmmm … it’s like I’m reading a fairy-tale packed with magic. Besides I LOVE green tea. Be it in any form. Specially these majestic gold tea-balls by Delaf√©e, I definitely want to try once in my life time!

Wow! Just wow! Nothing less nothing more do I utter. Every single piece by Cavalli blows me away with awe and admiration. This clutch is one such piece of art that can make into a beautiful accessory for an evening party and bedazzle everyone around you. It can even be paired with another printed clutch as its lining inside.

Fancy a Soft-Drink .. Closest to Nature?

Recently, my brother got an unfamiliar classy pair of slender green bottles with a self-evident brand name “Bottlegreen|sparkling“. It wasn’t the fancy floral design printed on each of the bottles that caught my interest but the unique fusion of flavors each were labelled with: “Green Tea & Elderflower” and “Ginger & Lemongrass“. So anything to do with green tea and ginger, automatically makes it perfect for an after-dinner drink, right? I’ll keep the topic safe for a different post about the appreciable digestive qualities of ginger.. that will be a whole different conversation.

So anyway, before trying anything new I have a habit of doing some research. Bottlegreen drinks are soft-drinks, produced with little or no preservatives, infused with natural ingredients for flavoring and contain only small amount of natural sugar.

To justify the use of small amount of preservatives, they claim:

“..¬†we added a tiny amount of preservative (sulphur dioxide) so you can enjoy our products for longer. Or¬†to put the amount we use into context, a glass of wine contains 10 times more sulphur dioxide than just one diluted glass of our adult cordials!”

Sounds reasonable. And something better to indulge into rather than the other soft-drinks loaded with tons of sugar and preservatives!


Bottlegreen drinks come in a wide range of sparkling pressés, cordials and tonics. According to them, their range of sparkling pressé is created with infusion of naturally sparkling spring water and natural ingredients.

Now the moment of truth: Did I like what was inside those pretty green bottles? As a matter of fact, I certainly did like the drinks. Compared to other popular soft-drinks, these were light on my palette with delicate taste, yet AS invigorating and refreshing. Although, I couldn’t tell much difference between the two flavors “Green Tea & Elderflower” and “Ginger & Lemongrass“. Probably cz I tried one shortly after the other. Nonetheless, it’s always delightful to try something new which is agreeable.
Good pick, Brother!