Flying Experience – Saudi Arabian Airlines

So many reasons I can put forward to explain my blogging hiatus. Don’t know about YOU but it would definitely bore me doing so. ( Don’t want to come off as a Whiner 😛 )

To be quick, here is a peek at one of the things I had done during this unforgivable long looong gap: Traveling!

saudi airlines
Good Ol’ Saudi Arabian Airlines hardly disappoints. Nothing is too lavish, neither unpleasant or uncomfortable. To be honest, I’m not the person who loves flying. Yes, I do love visiting places but certainly NOT being in a confined space in air, be it even for an hour. It could get worse if the person seated in front or behind or anywhere nearby does not mind their ‘stinky business’. And not to forget some noisy passengers like kids!

Luckily, I’m one of those few who have this gift of falling asleep in awkward positions (neck tilted, no head-rest) so I get to pass those crawling hours somehow.

Saudi Airlines has nice seating even in the economy class, footrest is a plus! Flight-attendants are nice, polite and certainly are helpful unlike the ones I encountered in other flight. There was this time I was traveling alone in an airline I don’t want to mention here, I had to load my hand-luggage in the overhead locker but I just could not because of course my luggage wasn’t that light for me to carry up that high. It was twice that despite of explaining the reason it wasn’t physically possible for me to load, that rude airhostess kept on pressurizing me to do it myself because “we are just too cool to help you”. Anyway, it was nice of one passenger to help me with that.

saudi airlines2

So yea, I have never had an unpleasant experience with SA. However, last time I got this great opportunity to travel in the business class which was obviously an even better experience. For me, one of the few perks of flying apart from games and entertainment is anticipating the in-flight meals and snacks! I like how SA always provides hot towels to sanitize our hands before meals. I really dig that as I’m a hygiene freak!

saudi airlines3

In business class, before the plane took off we were first refreshed with dates and Saudi kahva (coffee) with refills. Then when it was meal time we were furnished with the business class in-flight gourmet menu. It was a three-course with delicious options. And when the meal was served, my little table was a sight of delight!

And oh yes, I got my hands on the free issue of the fantastic “Sayidaty” in English – a Dubai based women’s magazine which normally costs SR 10 in KSA. 😀


Catching up on Christmas Eve

Hi readers! Sorry for being out of touch. This month has been extreeemly busy for me so I couldn’t blog at all. I even fell sick but I’m recovering now and hopefully getting back to blogging because there’s a lot I have to share.

I thought this Christmas eve is the best time to start over..
So wishing all of you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!! =D



WordPress App – Latest Update

Hey you all W ‘Pressers!

I recently updated my WordPress Android app to the latest version on my Galaxy S4. I’m liking the improvement in the interface – it’s much more simplified now, moreover, we can now browse and manage our media gallery directly from our phones with the app. The major change I noticed was made to the option “Stats” – now there’s a drop-down list for it like shown below.

Stats sub-menu

Stats drop-down list

It’s great. It’s precise for a quick viewing. But what I’m missing are the Flags! Views by Country statistics! It’s no more shown in the app. I know it’s not really necessary, given, the desktop version still has it. But it had its own charm – waking up and checking my stats first thing in the morning right from my phone, seeing the myriad of different colors everyday, the various flags and new country names (it’s always amazing finding out about new countries you never knew of) and then reveling in this virtual global community – uplifts me and motivates me to blog more often.

Here’s what the app says about their latest update..

WordPress app

WordPress app

Let me make another confession (first was obviously about I missing those flags :P).. I do use WordPress app more often for moderating, commenting, viewing my stats and reading other blogs.. but I don’t use it for blogging itself. There’s nothing wrong with the app, I think they are trying their best in improving our blogging experience on-the-go, but I personally like a larger interface and a wider keyboard for typing. I’m a loyal laptop user and always will be for typing up stuff no matter how many new models of mobiles with larger screens or tablets are released. There’s nothing as comfortable as the keyboard with typewriter-like keys and a bigger desktop.

So anybody using the latest version of the WordPress app? How do you find it? And am I overlooking something here? Maybe the country stats are somewhere there but oblivious to just me?


GroomAndBloom is blooming!!

Groom&Bloom Thankyou

So my WordPress blog “GroomAndBloom” turns exactly one month today and the fact that it has prospered in such a small period of time overwhelms me! 😀 And of course, I owe my sincere gratitude to all you lovely people: my followers, subscribers and not to forget those who take out their precious time to pay a visit and read at!

And lastly, the major chunk goes out to my dear parents who have been my greatest supporters!
Thank you ALL!!!! ^_^

And on this happy note let me share another great news.

My Samsung Galaxy S4 has a brand new screen! 😀

My dad got the smashed screen replaced from the Samsung outlet. Nothing else was damaged, ThankGod! Everything is perfect and functioning just like before. I have even optimized it’s security level too, so now if anyone gets hold of it with a bad intention, he/she is going be in a HUGE  trouble!! *evil laugh*

My experience in the blogosphere has been very exciting with every discovery that comes my way and I’m looking forward to so much more, with an objective to keep you all well-informed with whatever l have learned so far.

I’ll catch up with you guys again in my next post soon. Take care and be safe!

WordPress or Blogger?

As some of you might have noticed I have two blogs running under the same title “GroomAndBloom” :

Both of these have similar posts and I assure you none is fake – I own and write for both of these =)
The reason I’m using these 2 blogging platforms is:
1) I’m new to blogosphere so I don’t know yet which one will suit me more
2) I know there are many articles regarding “WordPress vs. Blogger” argument and their final verdict but I want it to be ME to decide which one is better… and I can only do that using both these platforms to familiarize myself.

Feel free to follow me on both though. I might shift to new content on one of these in near future =D