Fancy a Soft-Drink .. Closest to Nature?

Recently, my brother got an unfamiliar classy pair of slender green bottles with a self-evident brand name “Bottlegreen|sparkling“. It wasn’t the fancy floral design printed on each of the bottles that caught my interest but the unique fusion of flavors each were labelled with: “Green Tea & Elderflower” and “Ginger & Lemongrass“. So anything to do with green tea and ginger, automatically makes it perfect for an after-dinner drink, right? I’ll keep the topic safe for a different post about the appreciable digestive qualities of ginger.. that will be a whole different conversation.

So anyway, before trying anything new I have a habit of doing some research. Bottlegreen drinks are soft-drinks, produced with little or no preservatives, infused with natural ingredients for flavoring and contain only small amount of natural sugar.

To justify the use of small amount of preservatives, they claim:

“.. we added a tiny amount of preservative (sulphur dioxide) so you can enjoy our products for longer. Or to put the amount we use into context, a glass of wine contains 10 times more sulphur dioxide than just one diluted glass of our adult cordials!”

Sounds reasonable. And something better to indulge into rather than the other soft-drinks loaded with tons of sugar and preservatives!


Bottlegreen drinks come in a wide range of sparkling pressés, cordials and tonics. According to them, their range of sparkling pressé is created with infusion of naturally sparkling spring water and natural ingredients.

Now the moment of truth: Did I like what was inside those pretty green bottles? As a matter of fact, I certainly did like the drinks. Compared to other popular soft-drinks, these were light on my palette with delicate taste, yet AS invigorating and refreshing. Although, I couldn’t tell much difference between the two flavors “Green Tea & Elderflower” and “Ginger & Lemongrass“. Probably cz I tried one shortly after the other. Nonetheless, it’s always delightful to try something new which is agreeable.
Good pick, Brother!


Presenting you the much awaited … Saudi Champagne!!

So after earnest requests made by few of my friends, I decided to share the secret recipe of preparing the heavenly Saudi Champagne which I successfully made at home last evening. 😀
Before I give out the recipe, let me familiarize you a bit with this awesome cool beverage.
Saudi Champagne certainly does NOT contain alcohol, therefore it’s referred to as “Saudi” but does have sparkly nature of the real champagne.. How ironic right? However, this minty and fruity flavored drink is healthier and a much more refreshing substitute to any soft drink.

It is one of the most popular refreshments which is offered in the menu of every renowned restaurants and hotels in the Kingdom. A pitcher could be charged to you with an extravagant price.. but guess what? Saudi Champagne is NO biggy to make it on your own, it is VERY simple and quick to make at home!

Here is what you need to make a pitcher (4 glasses) :

  • 900 ml – chilled apple juice (a good brand)
  • 250 ml – chilled sparkling water / Perrier water ( for stronger drink, increase the amount)
  • 1 Apple – diced into little square pieces
  • 1/2 Orange or Lemon – sliced horizontally into perfect rounds
  • few sprigs of mint leaves
  • ice cubes


  • In a pitcher, add the fruits along with the mint leaves
  • Pour in apple juice… stir… the fruits will rise up and float
  • Mix in sparkling water
  • Throw in some ice cubes
  • Serve immediately and enjoyyyyy! 😀

Hope those of you who asked for it are happy now 😀
And the rest of you.. please do try it out and let me know how it turned out! ^_^