WordPress App – Latest Update

Hey you all W ‘Pressers!

I recently updated my WordPress Android app to the latest version on my Galaxy S4. I’m liking the improvement in the interface – it’s much more simplified now, moreover, we can now browse and manage our media gallery directly from our phones with the app. The major change I noticed was made to the option “Stats” – now there’s a drop-down list for it like shown below.

Stats sub-menu

Stats drop-down list

It’s great. It’s precise for a quick viewing. But what I’m missing are the Flags! Views by Country statistics! It’s no more shown in the app. I know it’s not really necessary, given, the desktop version still has it. But it had its own charm – waking up and checking my stats first thing in the morning right from my phone, seeing the myriad of different colors everyday, the various flags and new country names (it’s always amazing finding out about new countries you never knew of) and then reveling in this virtual global community – uplifts me and motivates me to blog more often.

Here’s what the app says about their latest update..

WordPress app

WordPress app

Let me make another confession (first was obviously about I missing those flags :P).. I do use WordPress app more often for moderating, commenting, viewing my stats and reading other blogs.. but I don’t use it for blogging itself. There’s nothing wrong with the app, I think they are trying their best in improving our blogging experience on-the-go, but I personally like a larger interface and a wider keyboard for typing. I’m a loyal laptop user and always will be for typing up stuff no matter how many new models of mobiles with larger screens or tablets are released. There’s nothing as comfortable as the keyboard with typewriter-like keys and a bigger desktop.

So anybody using the latest version of the WordPress app? How do you find it? And am I overlooking something here? Maybe the country stats are somewhere there but oblivious to just me?



GroomAndBloom is blooming!!

Groom&Bloom Thankyou

So my WordPress blog “GroomAndBloom” turns exactly one month today and the fact that it has prospered in such a small period of time overwhelms me! 😀 And of course, I owe my sincere gratitude to all you lovely people: my followers, subscribers and not to forget those who take out their precious time to pay a visit and read at groomandbloom.wordpress.com!

And lastly, the major chunk goes out to my dear parents who have been my greatest supporters!
Thank you ALL!!!! ^_^

And on this happy note let me share another great news.

My Samsung Galaxy S4 has a brand new screen! 😀

My dad got the smashed screen replaced from the Samsung outlet. Nothing else was damaged, ThankGod! Everything is perfect and functioning just like before. I have even optimized it’s security level too, so now if anyone gets hold of it with a bad intention, he/she is going be in a HUGE  trouble!! *evil laugh*

My experience in the blogosphere has been very exciting with every discovery that comes my way and I’m looking forward to so much more, with an objective to keep you all well-informed with whatever l have learned so far.

I’ll catch up with you guys again in my next post soon. Take care and be safe!

On this Eid: The Mishap and The Miracle

So should I start with the good or the bad news? I think I should start with the bad so that this post ends on a happy note 🙂

Last evening, which was the eve before Eid… I LOST my phone.
And it’s no ordinary phone, it was the brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 gifted to me by my parents just a couple of months ago. I don’t know how it happened but it happened while I was out and realized about it being missing when I returned home. Searched everywhere around and about, kept calling on it too and it was ringing but there was no sign anywhere. After half an hour later of continuous calling, someone picked up the call from my phone finally just for a second .. and Then..  disconnected and switched it off.  =|

Stolen : Confirmed.

And like how  common sense would say, once someone switches off your phone then he/she has NO intention of returning it back to you. And there are rarely things like goodwill or kindness in such cases. And miracles RARELY happen.

I had been feeling so miserable and unable to feel the Eid festivity since then. Ashamed of being such a disappointment to my parents for being so careless, I couldn’t help but beat myself up over it. It was just a phone but of a great sentimental value (plus with its awesome 13 mp camera I didn’t feel the need of carrying around DSLR camera) Truly a “Life Companion“. But after hours of contemplation I came to realize, it’s not like I lost my loved ones (God Forbid) that I’m so depressed about. Maybe it’s God’s way of making me see and realize there are much valuable things in life we often overlook. So I pulled myself together and went ahead in helping Mum out with Eid foodie prep.

But I hadn’t given up completely. I did a very thorough research on tracking lost/stolen phones later that night and regretted I should have done this way before while I still had my phone as a precautionary measure.
But what’s the point realizing about that now, right?

Wrong! And I will tell you why soon.

Later this evening, which is the day after my phone was stolen.. Someone magically appeared at my door. And guess what? To my surprise, my phone was returned! Not safe and sound though. Its amazing OLED screen is so heartlessly smashed, so I can’t view anything on it, the rest seems to be working fine. Dad says he will try to get the screen replaced, but let’s see.

Smashed Screen :(

My Galaxy S4 Smashed Screen 😦

Had I given up and not been consistently trying to track my phone down, that “someone” who got hold of my cellphone had no intention of returning it back and was easily getting away with it.

I’m no tech-savvy, but through my experience whatever useful information I gathered and learned in my study, I will definitely share in one of my upcoming posts and who knows I might help someone out that way. 🙂

This Eid taught me so many good lessons but the most important of which is:

What’s taken away from you, was never yours.. If it’s meant to be, by God’s will it’s going to be returned to you.. What matters more is to cherish what’s still with you!

With that note… A VERY Happy Eid to all of you! 🙂 🙂 🙂